Protein First Mindset

The mindset shift that will transform your health

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Learn the simple steps to improve your metabolism so you can lose weight and gain health!

“This challenge for me was intended to stir up my system and I am borderline for breaking my weight loss plateau. I have taken the dreaded before and after pictures of myself, and I am losing inches. Yesterday, I put on a dress that I have not worn in over a year and I was able to pinch the fabric on both sides of my waist.”

- Protein First Mindset Participant

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Your Instructor

Bree Soileau
Bree Soileau
Hey there! I’m Bree.
I’m co-owner of Alamo 180 and have been a nutritionist for over 2 decades. I majored in Nutrition Dietetics because I was looking for answers to my own diet struggles. It took years to figure it out, but once I learned how to reset my metabolism and lose the weight, I felt like I gained my life back! It was so empowering that it put me on a mission to help as many men and women break free from the vicious and depressing cycle of dieting and learn how to lose weight and gain their life back. There are lots of diets out there, but if you're looking for easy to understand and follow, I've got you covered!

Protein First Mindset is your solution!

  • Learn the small and powerful changes you can make to your macros (protein, carbohydrate, fat) to see REAL and LASTING results!
  • Learn how easy it is to be in fat burning mode more often than fat storing mode.
  • Zero calorie counting - just a simple, easy-to-implement method that will reset and rev your metabolism.

Our PFM alumni report:

  • Inches gone
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved focus during the day
  • More energy
  • Sleeping better
  • Gained confidence
  • Learning how to love and accept their body
  • Long-term success!

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Hello from Bree

Why Alamo 180 created this course for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a low-carb program?
No. Carbs aren’t bad and you’ll be enjoying them every meal. This program is a “no counting” program – as in no calorie counting. It’s also not a detox or an elimination diet. You’re simply going to make some food switcheroos. You’ll learn how to replace some of the foods that make you feel like crap with foods that make you feel better and energized…and this doesn’t mean salads and green juices every meal. You will be eating normal foods. Healthy proteins like steak and fish (if you eat meat), fiber-rich carbs like veggies, potatoes, fruits and chickpea pasta, and healthy fats like olive oil, butter and even cheese. This is set up to be a no fail plan. But if you do fall off, it’s SO easy to hop back on!
Will I have to buy expensive supplements?
Nope! Not a requirement. In fact, we want to teach you how to get all your macros and vitamins and minerals from whole foods. But we also understand that busy lifestyles get in the way of that. Some people enjoy shakes as a quick meal and there’s nothing wrong with that. We’d be happy to make some recommendations on supplements if a quick on-the-go-meal sounds like a convenient option for you. Supplements can also be helpful to improve recovery post-workout!
Can I do this program if I’m dairy or gluten free or don’t eat meat?
YES! Choose foods from the macro list that you can eat! Food swaps are always available!
For reals – how much weight can I expect to lose?
Each person is unique so the answer varies. But a 5lb weight loss in 4 weeks is common. Do know this – this plan isn’t a weight loss plan, it’s a fat loss plan. You will want to look at inches lost more than the scale. Look at inches! Also look at how you FEEL! Participants report better sleep, improved focused, more energy, less stress and improved digestion! We’ve also heard of participants getting off prescription meds after meeting with their doctor following this program!
Is this program all online?
Yes! Follow the modules at the suggested pace or at your own pace! And be sure to join the FB group for virtual accountability and additional resources.

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